All-in-one Time Tracking

Our innovative time tracking system is like a smart briefcase.

Packed with practical tools to streamline your workday and that of your team.

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Fixed or flexible working hours
Your choice, your rhythm!

Flextime or fixed working hours?

Our time tracking system adapts to your individual work rhythm.

Whether it’s 9-to-5 or flexible working hours, you keep control over your time.

Custom Target Hours and Break Times – Perfectly Tailored to You!

Set individual target hours and break times that suit your working style.

Our time tracking system allows for customized adjustments to make the most out of your day.

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Daily Working Hours in View
For every team member!

Keep track of the working hours of each individual employee.

With our time tracking system, you can easily and clearly record all relevant information on a daily basis.

Submit Vacation and Sick Leave Requests

No more paperwork! Employees can independently request vacation and sick leave.

Manage Approvals

Team leaders can then easily review these requests and approve them directly.

Calendar Overview

All requests are displayed neatly in a calendar. All digital, fast, and efficient.

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Automatic Overtime Calculation
Never manually calculate again!

Overtime is a thing of the past!

Our time tracking system automatically calculates overtime, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your work.

Always up to date!
Overview of hours worked

With our time tracking system, you have a clear overview of all hours worked.

Simple, transparent, and effective – this way you always keep track of your working hours.

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